September 2018

My Step By Step Guide to Buying

Posted on Sep 24, 2018 in Buying

Step 1 - Get Educated

It is so important to get educated on the real estate process and industry. We are talking about one of the biggest investments of most people’s lives; a little time to empower yourself will go a very long way. There are several resources you can turn to for information.

The Internet - The internet is truly the information super...

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The #1 Thing You Need to Know About Realtors 

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

When a Realtor represents you in transaction, the law requires them to provide you with certain legal duties (fiduciary duties). As with any agent/client relationship in any industry, you are putting your trust in this professional’s skills and expertise to act in your best interest, but it is not always that clear. It is critical that you understa...

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10 Biggest Negotiating Mistakes

Posted on Sep 20, 2018 in General

There are many, many books written on negotiation. There are as many good books, as there are bad. In the past, manipulation used to be the standard method of choice for negotiating. Learning how to control and use subtle techniques to get what you want, and then leave the other side without a leg to stand on. This ultimately led to prolonged negot...

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Tile Trends for 2018/19

Posted on Sep 11, 2018 in Design

Photo: Camelot Custom House, Austin Texas

Once upon a time, tiles were mostly used for their functional benefits (resistance to water, durability, low maintenance). Today however the sky is the limit for the designs that are possible and the aesthetic impact tile can create. Manufacturers have really pushed the limits on what is possible to provide really unique styles for today’s spaces.


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