How to buy and sell at the same time in a hot market 

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Hi, I'm Lindsay and I specialize in helping couples and young families move from their first home to their forever home. 

Let me show you how!

Congratulations! You've achieved a few major life milestones and now it's time to say goodbye to the home that witnessed all those special moments, and move into space where your family can grow and make new memories!

So now what? Where should you move to? Should you buy or sell first? If you're thinking about making move up into a new home, you're probably feeling a little overwhelmed with questions like these. That's totally normal and I get it- I've been there! Every family and situation is different, so let's see where the best place to start is for you. Schedule a free consultation now!

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The Major Mistake Many Home Buyers Are Making Right Now (Spring 2022)

Homebuyers seem to be in a rush right now.
Interest rates had been rising for the past few months. But with the uncertainty in the markets right now, those rates are holding steady. Because of this, I'm noticing a lot of panic buying in order to "beat the rates" before they begin increasing again. And while interest rates are an important factor in...

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How to Find the Perfect Home for You and Your Budget Series

Intro to finding your perfect home within budget
Taking that first step to buy your very first home can be scary and daunting. As a first-time buyer, you may think, “Can I really afford a home that I’ll love and that will meet my needs?”
It can be done. And I can show you how!
In my series, How to Find the Perfect Home for You and Your Budget, you’ll learn how to incorporate our strategies with you...

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Should I Sell My Home Off-Market?

You’ve probably heard the stories.

A home is listed for a few hours and then sells with over 15 offers for $100k over ask.

There’s so many stories like that I could share with you about how hot the market is right now for sellers and you’ve probably heard a few doozies from friends and family too.

Getting a home sold and sold quickly in this market...

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