The 3 Questions Most Asked By Past Clients

I believe my job doesn’t end at the settlement table, and I want to be your resource for all things real estate related even after you move into your first home.
Below are the questions asked most by past clients who have bought a home with me. I hope the answers to these questions help you become a more informed homeowner too!

1.) Should I buy or sell first?
The answer to this question depends on a few things, but the most important thing to consider is the market. If it’s a strong seller’s market I generally advise my clients to find a new home first. In this type of market, there is usually less inventory of homes to choose from, and they go quickly. It can mean that it’s a little more challenging to find a home and don’t want to have sold your home already, if you aren’t sure where you going to next. The good news is that a strong seller’s market usually means your home will sell quickly once you have found your new dream home and are ready to put yours on the market.
If it’s a strong buyers market, I suggest the opposite. Sell your home before you buy. The time homes are on market is usually longer in this type of market, and you don’t want to feel pressure to drop your price, or accept an unfavorable offer if you have already purchased a new home.
Of course, your own personal risk tolerance has to be considered as well, and if you decide, for example, that you want to sell before buying in a strong seller’s market, that’s totally fine too! I can work with whatever makes you the most comfortable! Your financial situation is another important factor in this decision as well. If you’re not confident on what makes the most sense for you and your family it’s always best to connect with me early and we can find a best path forward together!
2.) What do I need to do to get my home ready to sell?
You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get your home ready. But, in order to make your home look its best, there are some things you can do to help it look clean, stylish, polished and ready for buyers.
Check these things off your list if you’re preparing to sell your home:
· Start packing up the non-essential things – like those skis in your mudroom.
· Give your home a deep cleaning – all those nook and crannys should be spick and span.
· Consider repainting your walls – a $30 gallon of the right color paint can do wonders for your re-sale.
· Declutter your kitchen and pantries – go ahead and toss that jar of peanut butter from 2010.
· Remove window treatments and screens – light sells!
· Make sure every room in your house serves a purpose – every room should look like it is intended to be used, even if you haven’t been using it that way. For example, bedrooms should have beds in them.
· You can skip replacing your cabinets and just paint them and install new, more modern looking hardware.
· Change out your light fixtures – this can be cheap and easy and makes a huge difference, you can even bring the new ones with you if you love them!
· Get your bathroom super clean – those stains and dirty grout have got to go.
· Reglaze your tub or sink if it looks old – get rid of that old color!
Spend less and make more of an impact!

3.) Can I estimate how much I will make from the sale of my home?
Yes! I provide something called a “net sheet” when you consider selling your home. I want you to know what range to expect, financially. The net sheet details your expected expenses and proceeds after setting a listing price and takes into account the cost of selling and your mortgage pay-off so you know exactly what amount you’ll be walking away with at settlement.
I go through each one of these expenses and credits with you so you can understand what all the fees and expenses are when it comes time to sell.
These are the three questions I hear most, but I’m curious what yours are! Always feel free to reach out to me whenever you have a question about your home or real estate. I’m here for you and want to be your go-to source for all things real estate.