Best My Nest

Home owners are constantly on the hunt for products and services needed to maintain and improve their homes. This is often a time consuming and costly endeavor which is why CIR has created the Best My Nest program.

BEST MY NEST is an exclusive CIR REALTY initiative that is designed to create valuable partnerships with local businesses who offer home products, or home related services that pass on special discounts and service add-ons specifically to CIR Best My Nest Members!

In addition to discounts, Members also receive a monthly newsletter and exclusive invitations to a variety of hands-on classes and seminars that will help them live their best and most efficient life in their home.

Want access to thousands of dollars of home related discounts, house hacks and free seminars for FREE? Simply fill out the form below or email me directly and I will set up with your exclusive membership! 

*Vendors are updated constantly. While this graphic is updated frequently, it may or may not display all  vendors available

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